Event Reminders & Cross Sales In Magento


Reminders & Cross Sales is Magento is an advanced feature which allows your store users to add reminders for special events on your store, like birthdays, anniversary’s, Festivals and many more. This Magento extension give a personalize experience to your users.  Users can set the reminders for various dates in the store and get a message as a reminder when the date approaches near. This new feature makes your store looks a different with other eCommerce stores.

Store Users Can Easily Manage Reminders On The Store:

This extension allows users to add reminders for various events on an online store. User can also set the appropriate time at which they wish to get notified for a particular event and thus can plan a gift for the friend.



 Screenshot of the Store:

screenshot-reminders softprodigy co in 2014-10-28 15-20-11

 New “My Reminders” Tab is Created in the Store

How To Add A New Reminder for an Event?

User can add a new reminder by clicking the Add New Reminder button in My Reminders Section.


screenshot-reminders softprodigy co in 2014-10-28 15-24-42

Now add details for the new reminder which user wants to add and then click on the Save Reminder button to save the reminder.

 screenshot-reminders softprodigy co in 2014-10-28 15-43-54

Users can also Send a Greeting to their Loved Ones

Extension also allows users to send greeting to their friends in the for of an auto generated email and thus make them feel special.

Store Owners Can Get

By this extension store owners can get cross sales as the modules has been specially designed to target cross sales, as user can buy a gift for his/her friend from your store.


View Front End Demo Of the Extension Here: http://reminders.softprodigy.co.in/

View Back End Demo Of the Extension Here: http://www.softprodigy.com/store/media/queldorei/shopper/backend_demo.png


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