How To Improve E-Commerce Sales?


If a person starts up with an e-Commerce store, his/her main motive behind it is to earn some good amount of conversions. It is easy to create an online store; it takes little time and money to create one, but extremely hard to make money out of it by making it successful.

When it comes to sales perspective it is important to read your customers psychology. Customers are very important for us, so it is important to make them feel comfortable when they enter your online store. If you fail to do so, they will never visit your website again.



Now the question arises,  How to make our customers comfortable on our online store?                  


Just have a look at the latest Statista stats.

These stats clearly show why do online shoppers leave without paying?


1. Presented with unexpected costs:

Some store owners keeps the price of their product very high as compared to what is expected by the customers.

Please note that the customers are very concerned about the pricing options and will never buy the products at unreasonable prices. This can create a negative image for your store among customers. So it is good to set the prices according to the customer perspectives and market scenario.

2. Found a better price elsewhere:

This is also a very good factor to keep in mind while setting the prices of your products. As we have mentioned above, the customers are very concerned about the pricing options. Customers always prefer low priced options. So, before setting the price of your product you should perform an analysis of your competitors to check at what price they are setting for that particular product. Always set the price lower than your competitors, even if it is by a meager amount.

3. Complicated navigation problems on your store:

One of the initiatives that you can take to improve your conversions is optimizing navigation of your online store.

Key Takeaways:

  • Site navigation has a significant impact on the visitor experience

  • Optimal navigation is brand specific

  • You need a strategy along with the proper technology

Most of the online stores do not have proper navigation which results in bad conversions. The main navigation of the online store is very important as it is the backbone of your website. Always try to keep drop down navigation on your store for example:

4. Website Crashed:

It is very important to keep your website up to date to prevent crashes caused to your customers end.

For this you should undertake regular testing of your website to prevent from these crashes.

5. Checkout Process:

One of the most important factors is the checkout process. We have discussed this in our previous blog have a look on How to Improve your Store’s Checkout Process?

To Be Continued…..

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Upgrade Your Magento Store to Magento 1.9

Finally Magento C.E 1.9 on its way with a new fresh responsive look. The latest update brings some excellent improvements in security, UI and checkout modules, which may not only improves your store’s performance but can also improve your store conversion rate up to 18%.

New User Interface

In Magento 1.9 update old theme has been totally replaced by fresh new responsive web design to provide enhanced support for mobile device users.

This is how the new Magento theme will look on a tablet:


Same page when viewed on SmartPhone:

Magento 1.9 in Smart Phone

Security Enhancements

  • Addressed a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability while creating configurable product variants.

  • Addressed a potential security issue that could result in displaying information about a different order to a customer.

  • Users can no longer change the currency if the payment method PayPal Website Payments Standard is used.

  • Removed an .swf file from the Magento distribution because of security issues.

  • Improved file system security.

  • Enhanced the security of action URLs, such as billing agreements.

  • Addressed a potential session fixation vulnerability during checkout.

  • Improved the security of the Magento randomness function.


Bugs Fixes

There are a lot of bugs fixes done in the latest Magento 1.9 update :


Following are the Bugs fixes:

  • Tax Calculation Fixes
  • Web Store and Shopping Cart Fixes
  • Promotional Price Rule Fixes
  • Administrative Ordering
  • Invoicing Fixes
  • Credit Memo Fixes
  • Import Fixes
  • Payment Method Fixes


Beside these main fixes there are also some other fixes that are done in this update.


Zend Framework logo


The Zend Framework has been upgraded to version 1.12.3



Also the new Magento version now support PHP 5.4, which means that your website can run smoothly under PHP 5.4.


This is one of the best update we have ever seen which involves large number of changes and bug fixes. So we should recommend to get your stores upgraded. The latest Magento 1.9 upgrade  is going to be a very tricky process. So we suggest you to hire professional Magento experts to upgrade your Magento Store.


Upgarde Magento Store Now



Gorilla Launches OMG- The Jeans Store on Magento eCommerce Platform

Gorilla, an award winning ecommerce solutions provider and 2010 Magento Partner of the Year, has successfully launched, the first online store for fast-growing New York fashion retailer, OMG The Jeans Store. In creating OMG’s initial ecommerce channel, Gorilla developed a site built around the brand, its products, and the need for OMG to intimately engage their strong Facebook following.
“Choosing Gorilla as our partner for this project was a smart decision” said Boaz Lev Ari, General Manager at OMG. “They really know what they’re doing with Magento ecommerce, and because they perform all design and development in-house, it really gave us the level of control and accountability we were looking for.”
Gorilla implemented a design concept centered on the distinctly New York feel of the brand’s retail outlets. The site targets savvy, brand-conscious consumers, using “negative space” to provide a clear focus on the products and promotions, which set the retailer apart.
To give OMG maximum ecommerce flexibility, Gorilla built the site on the Magento Enterprise platform. To faithfully recreate OMG’s unique in-store shopping experience that is so crucial to their success, Gorilla extended Magento’s core functionality with over 20 customizations and extensions. The site offers enhanced usability, with navigation and filtering features to simplify product discovery and numerous ways to personalize the shopping experience. The site offers enhanced sustainability with tailored content and customer management tools and full back-end integration with systems including WordPress, QuickBooks,, and RetailPro.
Deepening the connection between OMG and their more than 300,000 Facebook fans was a key element of the project. To achieve this, Gorilla implemented multiple components of Facebook Connect functionality. This allows users to login to Facebook from within the OMG site and interact with friends in numerous ways. In addition to enabling users to “like” products and share wishlists, they can also view their friend’s wall feeds, tagged products and even be notified of their upcoming birthdays. All of which combine to increase customers time spent on the site and closely tie together the shopping and social experience.
With the launch of OMG, Gorilla once again demonstrates that design, development and integration are in our genes.
About Gorilla: Since 1994, leading brands, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers have turned to Gorilla to solve the toughest ecommerce challenges and innovate solutions that elevate businesses across channels. Inspiring design, impeccable development and unmatched experience are why Gorilla delivers a smarter species of ecommerce.
About OMG: OMG The Jeans Store is a family owned and operated retailer,

OMG Jeans Store

OMG Jeans Store

with 10 locations across New York City in addition to a newly launched online store.

Through a commitment to delivering personalized service and value,OMG offers a

distinctly New York shopping experience that makes buying denimand apparel

simple and easy.


Magento eCommerce- Best E- Business Solution

Today, Internet is the best way of communicating with your potential customers about your products & Services across the world with less expenditure. There are many entrepreneurs who are focusing on internet marketing of their products & services via Internet and they are benefitting from this a lot. Now if someone asks me which is the best CMS based ecommerce platform, then my answer to this would be “Magento”. Magento ecommerce is the best solution available for the development of ecommerce website.

What is Magento?

It may possible that some of us don’t even know what is Magento? So, let us first know what exactly Magento is.

Basically Magento is an Open Source eCommerce Software or platform which is being used worldwide for developing Online Shopping Stores. Magento as compared to other eCommerce Platforms offers you a great level of flexibility and control to manage your store. Magento has a long list of advantageous features which makes your online store a user friendly as well as SEO friendly. The main reason for the popularity of Magento is that we can easily add, edit and manage the content as per the requirements. So Magento is OSS (Open Source Software) used for making eCommerce Websites with professional & security basis.

Magento Features:

Magento provides you an option to create your store in multiple language for serving customers from different countries. The list of Magento features is endless. However some of the features are cited below:

  • Site Management
  • International Support
  • Marketing Promotions & Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Commerce
  • One Page Checkout
  • Order Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Customer Service
  • Product Browsing
  • Catalog Browsing
  • Analytics & Reporting
Magento eCommerce

Magento eCommerce

If you are planning to develop your own eCommerce Website, then I would suggest you to go for Magento. Magento gives you all those features which make your online store a perfect one. The above mentioned features of Magento help the website owner to present his goods and services in an attractive manner. Apart from it, there are many Magento Modules available which can add to these features. Magento extensions improve the functionality of your online store.

Magento eCommerce:

  • Increases Control: It controls every facet of your online store, from merchandising to promotions.
  • Increases ROI: Its commercial open source business model yields a superior product at a low cost.
  • Increases Growth: The features & flexibility of Magento help in increasing the revenue of merchants.

Advantages of Magento Development:

Magento Development provides numerous of Advantages in E-commerce Business

  • For Customizing your Magento Store, you don’t require knowledge of any programming language.
  • Magento provides flexibility & control over the functionality & Content of the Store.
  • It also provides in- built SEO, which help in better website optimization in search engines.
  • It gives you an option to run multiple shopping carts from single admin panel at backend.
  • You can manage the product catalog as per your needs.

All these features & advantages give answer to the question- “Why Magento development is best ecommerce Platform for Online Shopping Carts? 

For developing your Magento Store, you can also hire some Professional Magento Developers, who can provide you Magento Services. Magento Extension Development & Magento Customization requires some programming Skills. So in that case you can go for Magento Experts for making your Magento Store. However before taking such services it should be kept in mind that you should Hire Experienced Magento Developers as any wrong selection will result in loss of Money, Efforts & Time.

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