Upgrade Your Magento Store to Magento 1.9

Finally Magento C.E 1.9 on its way with a new fresh responsive look. The latest update brings some excellent improvements in security, UI and checkout modules, which may not only improves your store’s performance but can also improve your store conversion rate up to 18%.

New User Interface

In Magento 1.9 update old theme has been totally replaced by fresh new responsive web design to provide enhanced support for mobile device users.

This is how the new Magento theme will look on a tablet:


Same page when viewed on SmartPhone:

Magento 1.9 in Smart Phone

Security Enhancements

  • Addressed a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability while creating configurable product variants.

  • Addressed a potential security issue that could result in displaying information about a different order to a customer.

  • Users can no longer change the currency if the payment method PayPal Website Payments Standard is used.

  • Removed an .swf file from the Magento distribution because of security issues.

  • Improved file system security.

  • Enhanced the security of action URLs, such as billing agreements.

  • Addressed a potential session fixation vulnerability during checkout.

  • Improved the security of the Magento randomness function.


Bugs Fixes

There are a lot of bugs fixes done in the latest Magento 1.9 update :


Following are the Bugs fixes:

  • Tax Calculation Fixes
  • Web Store and Shopping Cart Fixes
  • Promotional Price Rule Fixes
  • Administrative Ordering
  • Invoicing Fixes
  • Credit Memo Fixes
  • Import Fixes
  • Payment Method Fixes


Beside these main fixes there are also some other fixes that are done in this update.


Zend Framework logo


The Zend Framework has been upgraded to version 1.12.3



Also the new Magento version now support PHP 5.4, which means that your website can run smoothly under PHP 5.4.


This is one of the best update we have ever seen which involves large number of changes and bug fixes. So we should recommend to get your stores upgraded. The latest Magento 1.9 upgrade  is going to be a very tricky process. So we suggest you to hire professional Magento experts to upgrade your Magento Store.


Upgarde Magento Store Now



Want to Upgrade Magento Store from 1.5 to 1.6 Version?

Magento 1.7 Preview version has been launched. However, the Latest Stable version of Magento is 1.6. Magento 1.6 is a improved version with some new features. If you look at the Official Magento Forum, you can see that many merchants want to upgrade their stores to this latest 1.6 version. However, some of them are not lucky like others who have successfully upgraded their magento store without any hassle. Magento 1.6 Upgrade

These unlucky Merchants are facing problem or error messages while magento 1.6 upgrade. Some of them have not even taken a backup of their Magento Store which has created more problems for them. It is adviced to all who are upgrading their Magento store to take a backup whenever you experiment something on LIVE.

MagentoCommerce is contributing to the best level in order to solve the queries of Magento Users who are getting issues while upgrading.

For all those you want to upgrade their Magento Store, here is a tutorial on Magento 1.6 Upgrade or else you can hire Expert Magento Developer for upgrading your online store successfully.



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