Halloween Offer – Flat 45% OFF on Gift Wrap Magento Extension by SoftProdigy

Give Your Customers An Option To Get Their Purchase Gift Wrapped This Halloween!

SoftProdigy has recently announced a heavy discount on their Gift Wrap Magento Extension on this Halloween.

You can buy this extension at a flat 45% OFF from SoftProdigy Store. The extension is very easy to install and configure. Admin can easily manage gift wraps in the admin panel of the store.


Features of our Gift Wrap Extension:

  1. Allows the store owner to add Gift Wraps with the product purchased
  2. The gift wraps can be paid or free, depending on the choice of the owner
  3. Customers have the liberty to choose the gift wrap of their choice
  4. The gift wraps are seen in the order section
  5. The extension works on mobile devices as well


How To Improve E-Commerce Sales?


If a person starts up with an e-Commerce store, his/her main motive behind it is to earn some good amount of conversions. It is easy to create an online store; it takes little time and money to create one, but extremely hard to make money out of it by making it successful.

When it comes to sales perspective it is important to read your customers psychology. Customers are very important for us, so it is important to make them feel comfortable when they enter your online store. If you fail to do so, they will never visit your website again.



Now the question arises,  How to make our customers comfortable on our online store?                  


Just have a look at the latest Statista stats.

These stats clearly show why do online shoppers leave without paying?


1. Presented with unexpected costs:

Some store owners keeps the price of their product very high as compared to what is expected by the customers.

Please note that the customers are very concerned about the pricing options and will never buy the products at unreasonable prices. This can create a negative image for your store among customers. So it is good to set the prices according to the customer perspectives and market scenario.

2. Found a better price elsewhere:

This is also a very good factor to keep in mind while setting the prices of your products. As we have mentioned above, the customers are very concerned about the pricing options. Customers always prefer low priced options. So, before setting the price of your product you should perform an analysis of your competitors to check at what price they are setting for that particular product. Always set the price lower than your competitors, even if it is by a meager amount.

3. Complicated navigation problems on your store:

One of the initiatives that you can take to improve your conversions is optimizing navigation of your online store.

Key Takeaways:

  • Site navigation has a significant impact on the visitor experience

  • Optimal navigation is brand specific

  • You need a strategy along with the proper technology

Most of the online stores do not have proper navigation which results in bad conversions. The main navigation of the online store is very important as it is the backbone of your website. Always try to keep drop down navigation on your store for example:

4. Website Crashed:

It is very important to keep your website up to date to prevent crashes caused to your customers end.

For this you should undertake regular testing of your website to prevent from these crashes.

5. Checkout Process:

One of the most important factors is the checkout process. We have discussed this in our previous blog have a look on How to Improve your Store’s Checkout Process?

To Be Continued…..

Author:  SoftProidgy

How to Improve your Store’s Checkout Process?

The checkout procedure is the most important step for Online Ecommerce stores as it plays a vital role in getting conversions.  So it is very important to prevent your customers from spending more time on your checkout procedure as it can create a chance for the user to go back. We can improve this by reducing the checkout step which will make your checkout process less time consuming.

Why do online shoppers leave without paying?



These stats has been provided by Statista, which clearly shows that 21% of the online shoppers leave without paying due to the long checkout process.  We can prevent these customers from leaving our online store by reducing the checkout steps.

For this we have to install extensions which will reduce your store’s checkout steps and hence improves your store’s conversion rates.

I have listed some important One Page Checkout Magento extensions which helps in increasing your Magento store’s conversion rate.

Best Magento Checkout Extensions Infographic


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