How to Add Multiple Products to Cart in Magento?

Many of you would surely like to know how to add Multiple Products to Cart in your Magento store. Well, in this post we would be talking of some alternatives available for having such option in Magento website. Before we proceed, let’s first discuss what exactly “Multiple Add to Cart” option is all about. This is a functionality which lets your customers add multiple products in cart with single click. The benefit of having such option on your website is that your customers would not have to click on “Continue Shopping” again and again to buy more than 1 product. This will improve their overall shopping experience.

How to Add Multiple Products to Cart in Magento

Ways to have “Add Multiple Products to Cart” Functionality in Magento

Basically there are two ways to have such functionality on your Magento Website- one is via extensions and other is via programming.

– With the help of Extension 

There are many extensions (both Free and Premium) available on Magento Extensions Marketplace. You can install these extensions from MagentoConnect. If you need Free Extension, then SoftProdigy’s Add Multiple Products to Cart is the only alternative available here. You can read more about this extension at their official blog


– With the help of Coding

If you want to add this feature with the help of coding , then read this blog post


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