Magento VS Prestashop

Apart from Magento, there opensource ecommerce shopping cart software which seemed to inline with Magento’s principles of offering a top-notch ecommerce software for free!!  I have tried both the ecommerce softwares and on the basis of my personal experience I was able to compare both the softwares. The comparison of Magento with Prestashop is as follows:

1) Both the ecommerce platforms- Magento & Prestashop are available under Open Software License (OSL).

2) Prestashop Installation requirements are Depends on GD library of PHP. For magento installation need a lot of extensions like PDO, CURL etc…

3) As per as functionality concern functional features like Customer groups ,Wish list, product comparison, RSS feed, TAG are there in magento eCommerce.  Apart from it you can manage multiple stores via single admin is also a powerful feature of magento. On the other hand statistics, shipping tracking and membership these functional features are available in prestashop. For more functionality and features you can also hire magento developer.

4) There are not proper shipping and payment modules or any label printing option in prestashop.  Whereas Magento contain all these features.

5) Prestashop adopt smarty template engine based on PHP 5. Whereas Magento adopt Zend framework, not smarty template engine.

6) Prestashop’s Search is more impressive and fast as compared to Search of Magento.

7) Magento is much SEO friendly than prestashop.

8) As mention above prestashop uses a smarty template system and javascript based on Jquery so the complete OOP coding offers a lot of flexibility for design. Magento’s design seems to be difficult than prestashop so don’t bother much with magento design.

9) Flip side, the back office of Magento is a bit complex and require some technical skills to manage it effectively as compared to prestashop.

10) Magento Community have 130,000 members, Prestashop have 30000 members Community. Some approaches like magento team involvement, video tutorial, screen casts are work behind the wonderful magento community.


Compare Magento with Prestashop

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  1. emilien malbranche

     /  October 16, 2012

    Magento and Prestashop, it’s not a battle, it’s a choice !
    Another post to help the community to make the good choice :

  2. prestashop

     /  June 4, 2013

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