Magento VS OS Commerce

OScommerce and Magento are opensource E-commerce platforms for managing online stores. Both are preferred by online entrepreneurs for setting up their web shopping cart store. Let us compare and find which one is better as both provide exceptional features:

  • Shared web hosting is sufficient for OSCommerce site whereas dedicated server is required by Magento site for fast functioning.
  • Both have ‘unlimited products’ feature and provide edit product option as well. However, products can only be edited In order only in Magento.
  • ‘Multiple product images’ feature is available in Magento and absent in OSCommerce.
  • ‘Product attributes’ available in both OSCommerce as well as Magento.
  • OSCommerce and Magento support SSL – Secure Sockets Layer.
  • ‘Search Engine Optimization Tools for Meta tags and URLs’ is absent in OSCommerce.
  • PayPal is there in osCommerce and Magento. However, PayPal Pro is missing in OSCommerce.
  • Both support multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  • Single page checkout is offered by Magento and is not there in OSCommerce.
  • ‘Spreadsheet database upload’ is there with Magento and not present in OSCommerce.
  • Multiple Store support is provided by Magento.

OSCommerce and Magento provide equally good features and it is difficult to say which one is more superior. However, we can see that Magento provide more additional features as compared to that of OSCommerce.

There are certain limitations of Magento as well and the most unnoticeable is its slow speed. So depending upon the requirement and interest, one can opt for either OSCommerce or Magento eCommerce as both are beneficial in establishing good online shopping cart store.

Search Engine: Optimizations (SEO), Friendly URLs (SEF), Marketing (SEM)

SEO, SEF and SEM should be considred the most important and nessasary features of any shopping cart software. If your site does not have the optimum SEO, SEM and SEF implementation, it will not be able to complete in today’s competitive market and will not be successful.



OS Commerce

www & non www

Need configuration

Title, Meta Tags


Keyword Friendly URLs





Speed / Performance

Bloated & Slow

Exact pages different URLs


Image Alt tags



Proper HTML, CSS configuration



Google Site Map


Design, Feature Customizations and Unique Branding

Building a unique and inviting brand is an important factor to a successful eCommerce site. It will also add business goodwill value to the owner of the site.

OScommerce (and current stable version – 2.3.1 – as of this writing) is one of the older eCommerce softwares.OScommerce’s code has been developed and kept up using the same legacy style code; this makes the code unmanagableand hard to customize.

There is a new version of OScommerce (version 3.0) in the making which is a complete re-write of the code in a new object-oriented platform. This version is in alpha (prior to beta), which means it is not ready and it will be a while for that version to be available for use in a production environment.



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  1. Antony LeRoy

     /  September 6, 2012

    Thanks for interesting article!
    In my opnion, osCommerce used to be one of the best sollution but, unfortunately, they stopped in their development and didn’t move forward. At the same time Magento is developing with incredible speed and now it is one of the most spread shopping carts in the world. It constantly releases new upgrades. Magento Connect offers a huge number of different extensions and templates. In my opinion Magento is definitely better solution at the moment. However, if osCommerce will be able to commit a come back by improving all their drawbacks they may return their popularity since they still have a quite big community. But that doesn’t sound realistic for me.

  2. TeoS

     /  November 5, 2012

    Nice reviews! Magento-osCommerce, Magento-PrestaShop, Magento -X-cart. Definitely what I need at the moment. BBecause I am looking for some help in choosing the best one platform for my store and am deciding between those 4 shopping carts.

  3. Leste59

     /  June 1, 2013

    Since people with webshops on Magento purposefully earn money with it (which is not always the case with a regular Joomla! website), budgets for developing Magento webshops are much higher, magento webshop


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