The Role of Rich Snippets in a Magento E-commerce Website

Search engines are all about making things simpler for a user – the simpler the things made by a website, the better is its ranking on a search engine. A search engine aims to enhance the user-experience and rich snippets assist by summarizing the content of page in a manner that it makes it easier for users to understand what the page is all about without having to go to the page and read all the content on it.

Needless to say, it should be an important part of an SEO campaign. This powerful bit of HTML can be read by search engine crawlers and provide information to online searchers without them having to click on the search result. This step in turn improves the click-through and conversion rates by diverting more qualified leads to the particular website. This blog will help you understand all that you need to know about rich snippets.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets are HTML coded bits of data that can be imbedded in your HTML markup to produce a more informative search engine result that can directly help a user get answers to specific queries. This bit of information is displayed on the search engine result page right under the page title and description and provides rich information about the website and the business. This helps a person make the decision of whether or not he should visit the website simpler.

What are the different types of rich snippets?

1. Images and Google Authorship Snippets


The author rich snippet which is otherwise known as the Google authorship gives a personal and, at the same time, a trustworthy appearance to the website on the search engine results page. This snippet displays the author’s name, picture and the number of Google+ followers that the author has.

2. Ratings and User Reviews Snippets


When a person looks to search for a service or product on a website, he depends on websites that have good reviews and ratings as they represent a trusted brand. Displaying the ratings and reviews right next to the website name is a good practice and it increases the brand’s credibility. This snippet can be used to display the rating or the reviews of a company, an organization, a product, or even a recipe – improving the quality and the reliability factor of a page.

3. Breadcrumbs Snippets


Navigation is a very important aspect of any website. Breadcrumbs rich snippet show a trail of links that help a user understand and navigate the site’s hierarchy.

4. Products Rich Snippets


The product rich snippets display the price, availability, and ratings of the product on the search engine result page. This can help a user get the details of the product in a glance before he clicks the link to the product, and thus invites only a targeted traffic to reach the page.

5. Music Track Info Snippet


Music tracks draw a lot of traffic on search engines on a daily basis. The music snippet shows direct links to the songs, their length, and album description.

6. Local Events Snippet


The event snippet is extremely popular and helpful. It gives the details of the event, including the date and location of the event.

How to Implement Rich Snippets?

Implementing rich snippets involves a small degree of technicality to add the rich snippet into the HTML code. Microdata, microformats, and RDFa are the three main types of markups that are recognized by Google and translated into rich snippets. Out of the three, Microdata is the most recommended one. Microdata is basically defined by Google as a way to label content contained in the website to describe a particular type of information. It is used in conjunction with schema vocabulary to markup the HTML of a webpage to produce a block of information that can be understood and interpreted by major search engines and recognized as a rich snippet.

The Importance of Rich Snippets in E-commerce


Fact 1: Rich snippets give from 20% to 200% CTR increase.
Fact 2: Only 0.3% of websites use rich snippets.
Fact 3: 36.6% of Google search results include rich snippets.

Rich snippets render an ease to searching online. Shopping online has become a trend today and is more popular than shopping in physical stores. Rich snippets help increase the conversion rate on an e-commerce store. This is because rich snippets help only a select audience go to the product page after they have checked the product specifics on the search result page itself. Basically, the people who open the link to go to the product page go there with the intention of purchasing the product. The rich snippet communicates the product’s complete marketing pitch in simple terms.

Taking into consideration that rich snippets are pretty much easy to install (you can use ready-made extensions for your Magento shop), you certainly don’t want underestimate the power of

SoftProdigy provides an amazing Rich Snippets Magento extension that can make the task of adding rich snippets easier and assist you in the process.

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