Add Multiple Products to Cart for Simple, Custom Options, Configurable and Bundled Products in Magento

Customers Love Buying Multiple Products!

A revolutionary concept that has made SoftProdigy’s “Add Multiple Products to Cart” Magento extension achieve great heights and appreciation in the Magento Community, has now been upgraded to a new version. The latest upgrade brings some enhanced features, like making the “add multiple products to cart” function compatible with Configurable and Bundled products, and more. This upgrade has been brought on because of a consistent demand from customers on a regular basis.

At times online retailers sell products that are available in a number of variations. While adding multiple products to cart at once is an excellent option for shoppers as it saves them time and effort, it was not possible to add multiple variations of the same product together in a simple manner before this extension came along.


We, at SoftProdigy, believe in making available the opportunity to give shoppers the best shopping experience at an online store. With the help of this extension, an online store owner can allow shoppers on his website to customize the products in terms of the variations available in the category of that product before adding it to cart. At the same time, the shopper does not need to go to the individual pages to customize his cart.

Selected Products Added To CartExtension Features:

  1. Add Multiple Products to Cart at a same time for Simple, Custom Options, Configurable and Bundled Products.
  2. You can select multiple products to cart from Category Pages.
  3. Saves shopping time of the customers.
  4. Customers can customize the product without going to individual product page.
  5. This extension helps in improving overall conversions of store

View Extension Here

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