Get Flat 40% Weekend OFF on MagChat (Magento Chat Module) From SoftProdigy

We have announced a flat 40% weekend OFF on our MagChat (Magento Chat Module). The offer is valid till this weekend. MagChat is a Magento chat module which is based on a unique design and provide a break free chat support to your customers.


Features of MagChat:

1. Extension provides support to the customers even if the customer care executives are offline.

The extension provides support to the customer’s even if the customer care executives are offline. It allows customers to send an email message to the customer care executives if the support executives are offline.



2.  The extension is fully compatible with all mobile devices.

We have designed this extension in a way so that it can withstand with every mobile device like iPads, iPhones, Android Devices, Laptops, MiniBooks and many more.



3. Customer can choose an Avatar depending on his/her mood.


screenshot-www softprodigy com 2014-08-13 15-38-42 screenshot-www softprodigy com 2014-08-13 15-37-45 screenshot-www softprodigy com 2014-08-13 15-37-22 screenshot-www softprodigy com 2014-08-13 15-36-32

Grab this special offer today by visiting at SoftProdigy eCommerce Extension Store.



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