Magento Tutorial- Set Up SSL Certificate in Magento Store

In this tutorial we’ll be guiding you all for setting up SSL in Magento Store. Before we mention the steps to be followed for implementing the SSL in Magento, let us first define what is SSL and why do we need it?

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology which is used for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. In other words, it is used for ensuring the security of confidential data that a website stores or processes.

Why SSL in Magento?

Magento is software which is being used for making eCommerce websites. In any eCommerce website, SSL is necessary as customers of the website provide confidential information such as credit card details etc. to make their purchases.

So, it is very much required to have SSL not only in Magento Store, but in every eCommerce website.

Steps to be followed:

1. Purchase SSL Certificate and ask your hosting provider to set up it for your domain.

2. After that, enable the certificate from Magento Admin Panel by going to System -> Configuration -> Web

Read Complete Tutorial Here: How to Set Up SSL in Magento?

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