404 Error on Magento Product Page

Some times Magento users get 404 errors on Product Pages. Usually when you click on sample products which are displayed in Home Page, it gives 404 Error.

Don’t panic, if you are also receiving the same error. In order to deal with such issue, you need to go to phpMyAdmin and run following command:

INSERT INTO `report_event_types` (`event_type_id`, `event_name`, `customer_login`) VALUES
(1, 'catalog_product_view', 1),
(2, 'sendfriend_product', 1),
(3, 'catalog_product_compare_add_product', 1),
(4, 'checkout_cart_add_product', 1),
(5, 'wishlist_add_product', 1),
(6, 'wishlist_share', 1);


Are you still facing some more errors while upgrading Magento to Magento 1.8 ?

To see the solution of such errors, please visit:


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  1. Shihab

     /  May 9, 2014

    Thank you so much, you saved my time.My issue Solved!

    Thanks Again.

  2. Kretz

     /  July 27, 2014

    GREAT… all works fine now!


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