Want to Upgrade Magento Store from 1.5 to 1.6 Version?

Magento 1.7 Preview version has been launched. However, the Latest Stable version of Magento is 1.6. Magento 1.6 is a improved version with some new features. If you look at the Official Magento Forum, you can see that many merchants want to upgrade their stores to this latest 1.6 version. However, some of them are not lucky like others who have successfully upgraded their magento store without any hassle. Magento 1.6 Upgrade

These unlucky Merchants are facing problem or error messages while magento 1.6 upgrade. Some of them have not even taken a backup of their Magento Store which has created more problems for them. It is adviced to all who are upgrading their Magento store to take a backup whenever you experiment something on LIVE.

MagentoCommerce is contributing to the best level in order to solve the queries of Magento Users who are getting issues while upgrading.

For all those you want to upgrade their Magento Store, here is a tutorial on Magento 1.6 Upgrade or else you can hire Expert Magento Developer for upgrading your online store successfully.



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