4 Magento Sales Tracking Mobile Apps of 2015 That You Can’t Miss

Every year, hundreds of tech firms launch thousands of mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS platforms. In 2015, we saw the sales tracking apps raise the bar for mobile technology. These sales tracking apps can help Magento store owners to keep a tab on the data and customer inflow on their online stores in an effective manner. Moreover, these apps allow you to track real-time data through your mobile device. If you don’t have the time for maintaining sales information manually, don’t have CRM (Customer relationship management) software, a sales tracking app can make a big difference to your business. These sales tracking apps provide a detailed report on the new orders received and sales that took place since the last time the client logged into his or her website.

Here’s a list of top sales tracing apps:

1. MagTrack – Magento Sales Tracking App


MagTrack Sales Tracking App: This app is specifically designed to help Magento store owners to track user data on their website in an effective manner from a Smartphone. A store owner can manage his online store from any location. Important and valuable decisions can be taken based on the data available through the app. This app makes their life stress-free and clients no longer need to sit in front of their personal computers in order to track sales data. The app allows users to set instructions for push notifications and get notified when some conditions are met on their web stores. For example when a new sale occurs on the store, when the day’s sales cross a certain value, or other such criteria are met, the app sends a push notification to your phone. Apart from this, the app also provides information on bestselling products, customers, their contact details, etc.

Get the app now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sales_tracking.activity&hl=en

2. Simi Sales Tracking App


This app provides a full set of cutting edge features to follow sales. You can get access to your real-time sales data and bestsellers from any mobile devices wherever you want. Whenever you log into the Simi tracking app, the updated overview report on data like current orders, current sales awaits you on the dashboard screen. This app reduces the time consumed for keeping up-to-date with new sales status.

Get the app now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simicommerce.magento.sales.tracking

3. Magneto Mobile Sales Tracking Pro

Magento Mobile Dashboard-Icon-Image

This app provides full access to the latest sales data like today’s sales, today’s orders. In addition, this powerful app provides you with a comprehensive report on bestselling products. The information of customer’s country and the quantity of orders placed are also shown in details which help figure out your targeted audience.

Get the app now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.smile.android.magento

4. Magneto Mobile Assistant

Magento Mobile Assistant-Icon

With the help of this app you can have access to the real-time store data reports at your fingertips. Using it you can keep a track of sales data from your Smartphone wherever you are.

Get the app now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Magento.MobileAssistant&hl=en

Sales tracking apps have become the need of the hour today as they serve as an important tool to get information on the customer behavior on the website. Keeping customer data handy and easily accessible goes a long way in helping you promote your business effectively and make strategies that take your business forward. Invest in the right Magento Sales Tracking app for your business and reap the benefits.

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The Role of Rich Snippets in a Magento E-commerce Website

Search engines are all about making things simpler for a user – the simpler the things made by a website, the better is its ranking on a search engine. A search engine aims to enhance the user-experience and rich snippets assist by summarizing the content of page in a manner that it makes it easier for users to understand what the page is all about without having to go to the page and read all the content on it.

Needless to say, it should be an important part of an SEO campaign. This powerful bit of HTML can be read by search engine crawlers and provide information to online searchers without them having to click on the search result. This step in turn improves the click-through and conversion rates by diverting more qualified leads to the particular website. This blog will help you understand all that you need to know about rich snippets.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets are HTML coded bits of data that can be imbedded in your HTML markup to produce a more informative search engine result that can directly help a user get answers to specific queries. This bit of information is displayed on the search engine result page right under the page title and description and provides rich information about the website and the business. This helps a person make the decision of whether or not he should visit the website simpler.

What are the different types of rich snippets?

1. Images and Google Authorship Snippets


The author rich snippet which is otherwise known as the Google authorship gives a personal and, at the same time, a trustworthy appearance to the website on the search engine results page. This snippet displays the author’s name, picture and the number of Google+ followers that the author has.

2. Ratings and User Reviews Snippets


When a person looks to search for a service or product on a website, he depends on websites that have good reviews and ratings as they represent a trusted brand. Displaying the ratings and reviews right next to the website name is a good practice and it increases the brand’s credibility. This snippet can be used to display the rating or the reviews of a company, an organization, a product, or even a recipe – improving the quality and the reliability factor of a page.

3. Breadcrumbs Snippets


Navigation is a very important aspect of any website. Breadcrumbs rich snippet show a trail of links that help a user understand and navigate the site’s hierarchy.

4. Products Rich Snippets


The product rich snippets display the price, availability, and ratings of the product on the search engine result page. This can help a user get the details of the product in a glance before he clicks the link to the product, and thus invites only a targeted traffic to reach the page.

5. Music Track Info Snippet


Music tracks draw a lot of traffic on search engines on a daily basis. The music snippet shows direct links to the songs, their length, and album description.

6. Local Events Snippet


The event snippet is extremely popular and helpful. It gives the details of the event, including the date and location of the event.

How to Implement Rich Snippets?

Implementing rich snippets involves a small degree of technicality to add the rich snippet into the HTML code. Microdata, microformats, and RDFa are the three main types of markups that are recognized by Google and translated into rich snippets. Out of the three, Microdata is the most recommended one. Microdata is basically defined by Google as a way to label content contained in the website to describe a particular type of information. It is used in conjunction with schema vocabulary to markup the HTML of a webpage to produce a block of information that can be understood and interpreted by major search engines and recognized as a rich snippet.

The Importance of Rich Snippets in E-commerce


Fact 1: Rich snippets give from 20% to 200% CTR increase.
Fact 2: Only 0.3% of websites use rich snippets.
Fact 3: 36.6% of Google search results include rich snippets.

Rich snippets render an ease to searching online. Shopping online has become a trend today and is more popular than shopping in physical stores. Rich snippets help increase the conversion rate on an e-commerce store. This is because rich snippets help only a select audience go to the product page after they have checked the product specifics on the search result page itself. Basically, the people who open the link to go to the product page go there with the intention of purchasing the product. The rich snippet communicates the product’s complete marketing pitch in simple terms.

Taking into consideration that rich snippets are pretty much easy to install (you can use ready-made extensions for your Magento shop), you certainly don’t want underestimate the power of schema.org.

SoftProdigy provides an amazing Rich Snippets Magento extension that can make the task of adding rich snippets easier and assist you in the process.

Event Reminders & Cross Sales In Magento


Reminders & Cross Sales is Magento is an advanced feature which allows your store users to add reminders for special events on your store, like birthdays, anniversary’s, Festivals and many more. This Magento extension give a personalize experience to your users.  Users can set the reminders for various dates in the store and get a message as a reminder when the date approaches near. This new feature makes your store looks a different with other eCommerce stores.

Store Users Can Easily Manage Reminders On The Store:

This extension allows users to add reminders for various events on an online store. User can also set the appropriate time at which they wish to get notified for a particular event and thus can plan a gift for the friend.



 Screenshot of the Store:

screenshot-reminders softprodigy co in 2014-10-28 15-20-11

 New “My Reminders” Tab is Created in the Store

How To Add A New Reminder for an Event?

User can add a new reminder by clicking the Add New Reminder button in My Reminders Section.


screenshot-reminders softprodigy co in 2014-10-28 15-24-42

Now add details for the new reminder which user wants to add and then click on the Save Reminder button to save the reminder.

 screenshot-reminders softprodigy co in 2014-10-28 15-43-54

Users can also Send a Greeting to their Loved Ones

Extension also allows users to send greeting to their friends in the for of an auto generated email and thus make them feel special.

Store Owners Can Get

By this extension store owners can get cross sales as the modules has been specially designed to target cross sales, as user can buy a gift for his/her friend from your store.


View Front End Demo Of the Extension Here: http://reminders.softprodigy.co.in/

View Back End Demo Of the Extension Here: http://www.softprodigy.com/store/media/queldorei/shopper/backend_demo.png


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Halloween Offer – Flat 45% OFF on Gift Wrap Magento Extension by SoftProdigy

Give Your Customers An Option To Get Their Purchase Gift Wrapped This Halloween!

SoftProdigy has recently announced a heavy discount on their Gift Wrap Magento Extension on this Halloween.

You can buy this extension at a flat 45% OFF from SoftProdigy Store. The extension is very easy to install and configure. Admin can easily manage gift wraps in the admin panel of the store.


Features of our Gift Wrap Extension:

  1. Allows the store owner to add Gift Wraps with the product purchased
  2. The gift wraps can be paid or free, depending on the choice of the owner
  3. Customers have the liberty to choose the gift wrap of their choice
  4. The gift wraps are seen in the order section
  5. The extension works on mobile devices as well


Setting Up Magento for the Search Engines

Hi Guys! I was wondering around on internet and find a very good tutorial that will help you all in setting up Magento for the Search Engines. Hope you like the post 🙂

Post URL: http://moz.com/ugc/setting-up-magento-for-the-search-engines

Studies That Change your Customer Behaviour Understanding

Studies That Change your Customer Behaviour UnderstandingInfographic Designed By: SoftProdigy

Please share your views in comments!

SoftProdigy Added New and Unique Reporting Feature in Magento Admin

A new and unique reporting feature has been added to Magento Admin by the professional team of Magento developers at SoftProdigy. This new reporting “Enhanced Geographical Sales Reporting” Magento extension allows website admins to get area wise product sales data for their eCommerce store. This extension depicts product sales data from different regions of the world. You can also see the product sales data from particular regions of the countries, right now the extension depicts sales data from 12 countries. These countries include countries that drive a large volume of business, like – Austria, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. This will help the Magento store admins to create Marketing strategies for their product promotions.

The extension collects accurate data in a highly effective and quick manner and presents it in a format that is easy to understand for store owners. Admin can also import a CSV report file for the sales.

This is how the extension shows sales results World-wide.

screenshot-www softprodigy com 2014-09-15 14-06-07screenshot-www softprodigy com 2014-09-15 14-07-07To see the Sales data from a specific country you can select the country from a Drop down menu here.


Suppose admin selects USA, the extension will show all the sales data from different regions of USA.

ddddsdscreenshot-www softprodigy com 2014-09-15 14-14-22

The extension is very useful for creating marketing strategies and see the results of marketing strategies applied before.

This extension uses highmaps library for graphical plotting of maps.

View Extensions Here

Add Multiple Products to Cart for Simple, Custom Options, Configurable and Bundled Products in Magento

Customers Love Buying Multiple Products!

A revolutionary concept that has made SoftProdigy’s “Add Multiple Products to Cart” Magento extension achieve great heights and appreciation in the Magento Community, has now been upgraded to a new version. The latest upgrade brings some enhanced features, like making the “add multiple products to cart” function compatible with Configurable and Bundled products, and more. This upgrade has been brought on because of a consistent demand from customers on a regular basis.

At times online retailers sell products that are available in a number of variations. While adding multiple products to cart at once is an excellent option for shoppers as it saves them time and effort, it was not possible to add multiple variations of the same product together in a simple manner before this extension came along.


We, at SoftProdigy, believe in making available the opportunity to give shoppers the best shopping experience at an online store. With the help of this extension, an online store owner can allow shoppers on his website to customize the products in terms of the variations available in the category of that product before adding it to cart. At the same time, the shopper does not need to go to the individual pages to customize his cart.

Selected Products Added To CartExtension Features:

  1. Add Multiple Products to Cart at a same time for Simple, Custom Options, Configurable and Bundled Products.
  2. You can select multiple products to cart from Category Pages.
  3. Saves shopping time of the customers.
  4. Customers can customize the product without going to individual product page.
  5. This extension helps in improving overall conversions of store

View Extension Here

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